Finding the Problem Quickly

Increase the Life of Your Car

Turn to Louisville Automotive Shop, LLC. to help you find and repair problems with your vehicle. With a complete diagnostic check, our team can look for potential problems with the components in your car.

We have what it takes to correct any problem to keep you car to work efficiently.

The Place to Go for All Your Auto Repair Needs

To catch any problem, we test drive your car, perform a visual inspection and computer diagnostics, then take all the information and advise you what you should do. 

You will be properly informed on why the "check engine light" is on. We provide a service recommendation as to what is happening, how it relates to other systems, the urgency, and how to resolve the situation. 

Monitor for All Potential Problems

  • Antilock Brake System (ABS) diagnosis
  • Computer diagnostics
  • Emissions and EVAP testing
FREE estimates available! 
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"Nermin is the best! He really looks out for his customers!"

John Kleemeier, Facebook
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