AC & Heater Repair Service


Whether it’s the heat of the summer or the frigid cold of winter, it’s important that your car’s AC and heating system is working properly so you can drive in comfort. No matter how harsh the weather is, let the ASE Certified technicians at Louisville Automotive Shop help get your vehicle working so the cabin produces the optimum temperature. From standard testing and diagnostics to repairs, we’ll make sure your car is comfy at all times. If you’re AC or heating system is struggling to work or it isn’t working at all, don’t ignore the issue. Take it to our expert mechanics and let us perform a complete AC and heater system diagnostics and evaluation.

Typical Services

If you think your vehicle’s AC and heating system may be on the fritz, here are a few of the most common services we’ll provide:

  • We will perform a thorough diagnostics and provide you with a detailed evaluation of the problem along with a free repair estimate
  • We’ll connect any loose AC gauges and test the temperature for accuracy
  • Often, the car’s AC system simply needs more freon. At Louisville Automotive Shop, we can easily refill your freon so you can stay cool as a cucumber during the hot summer months.
  • We can check the current air pressure to make sure the air is blowing out correctly
  • We will check all belts, valves, fans, and cabin filters to ensure everything is in good working condition
  • We’ll also check for any leaks that could the cause of the problem

The air conditioning system in your car is divided into two main sides known as the high and low sides. The compressor works like a pump to move refrigerant throughout the system, which is what helps to keep you cool. A part called an expansion valve restricts the flow, which lowers the pressure and the temperature of the refrigerant. The heating system also needs regular maintenance since it relies on valves that don’t leak and are not blocked. Come visit our experts so we can take a closer look and get your car’s AC or heating system working properly so you don’t need to suffer in silence any longer when the seasons change.

Auto AC Repair Near Me

Our experienced mechanics know how to troubleshoot all makes and models so that your vehicle will run to its optimum capacity, and you can stay nice and cool during summer and toasty warm during the winter. Come and visit our professional staff at Louisville Automotive Shop in Louisville, KY, or give us a call to schedule an appointment today!


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