bmw and miniThe BMW brand is recognized for crafting high end, luxury vehicles with a signature style, and in producing the fun and user friendly MINI, most well known for the iconic MINI Cooper. Hailing from Great Britain, the BMW brand has earned its reputation for reliable luxury cars that are made to last, and the MINI line of vehicles are known for their fun exteriors and great driving experience. No matter what your vehicle needs and driving style, you’re bound to find the right ride for you with BMW. And for reliable BMW and MINI service In Louisville, KY, drivers know they can put their trust in the team of pros at Louisville Automotive Shop! Come swing by our shop today, and we’ll get you taken care of!

BMW Repair Louisville KY

Drivers who own a BMW know more than any other that regular maintenance and service for your high end vehicle is important to keep it running the way it should be Thankfully, the luxury manufactured BMWs don’t need frequent service and upkeep, but when you do need an oil change, new brake pads, or even engine repair, the team here at Louisville Automotive Shop is here to help get you where you need to go. With our pros on the job, you know you’re getting the best BMW repair service in Louisville, KY. Come to Louisville Automotive Shop today, and let us show you why we’re the trusted auto shop for BMW drivers. 

MINI Repair Louisville KY

While your MINI might need a bit more service and upkeep, it’s there to make sure that your ride stays in optimal condition for years to come, even as the miles start to add up. Frequent routine service and maintenance for your MINI is going to help keep it reliable and keep you safe on the road. For more information on your MINI’s specific needs, read up on the vehicle manufacturer recommendations, but in general, you should be taking it in for maintenance about every 3,000 miles, where your mechanic will perform things like oil changes and filter checks, fluid level inspections, tire rotations, and brake service. These services will keep your MINI driving well, and prevent more costly repairs down the road! And for trustworthy MINI service in Louisville, KY, make sure to see the MINI and BMW specialists here at Louisville Automotive Shop, where our expertly trained mechanics will get you back on the road in no time! 

BMW Specialist Louisville KY

For the best BMW and MINI service in Louisville, KY, see the team at Louisville Automotive Shop! To make your appointment with our team of BMW and MINI specialists, feel free to give us a call or schedule online today! 


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