If your car isn’t running as it should or the check engine light is on, it may be time for a proper diagnostic test so you can identify the issue and get it corrected. From idling high to a rough start or just general malaise, your engine is a complex system that needs constant attention. If you’re in need of an inspection and diagnostic test, visit the professionals at Louisville Automotive Shop where we can help you figure out exactly what’s going on and then provide advice on how to fix it. We use the latest technology that can quickly and accurately diagnose problems in any make and model of vehicle.

How Diagnostics Work

Almost every modern vehicle has an interior computer that connects to various sensors and other electronic elements inside the car. If you’ve noticed your “check engine” or “service engine soon” light has come on, this often indicates that the internal computer has identified a potential problem. This system is referred to as an onboard diagnostics system. When you take your vehicle to Louisville Automotive Shop, we’ll connect your vehicle to our scanner and computer system to run a thorough test. This test is part of our inspection service, and it helps us determine what the issue is much more quickly and with precision.

Determining the Issue

When we perform a diagnostic test, the scanner plugs into a port that is found in any vehicle sold after 1996. After running the diagnostics test, we’ll see an assortment of codes that are typically standard across most vehicle manufacturers. There are some codes that are more specific to particular manufacturers, but most are common no matter what type of vehicle you have. Each code tells us a specific problem from the powertrain to the body, chassis, and beyond. Once codes have been reported, our experts can help you figure out the next plan to get everything repaired properly and get it done right the first time. We can easily pinpoint the exact problem so you don’t have to spend time worrying or spend extra money on unnecessary repairs. When it comes to car repair or auto service, we are the best.

Auto Diagnostics Near Me

From a Volkswagen to a BMW or Toyota, we have the skills, know-how, and technology needed to make a correct diagnostic determination the first time. Let our pros test your vehicle to make sure it’s running optimally. Come and visit our professional staff at Louisville Automotive Shop in Louisville, KY, or give us a call to schedule an appointment today!


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