Wheel Alignment and Handling Your Automobile

There is a direct connection between how well your vehicle handles and its wheel alignment. Wheels that are not aligned properly will make it feel as if you have to fight to navigate your car. Louisville Automotive Shop aligns wheels, including those on Sprinter vans, and we’d be happy to restore your automobile’s controllability if the wheels have been knocked out of alignment. Let’s talk about this some more.

Things That Knock the Wheel Alignment Off

Wheel alignment is a process that ensures that the full tread surface of your tires always meets the pavement. Your wheels can be misaligned if they are tilting inward or outward, even just slightly, or if they are tilted to one side or the other. Time slowly knocks wheels out of alignment, because they deal with a lot of road debris and hazards over the years. Other things that knock wheels out of alignment include bumps, curbs, potholes, road debris, speed bumps, and, of course, automobile accidents.

Signs Your Wheels Aren’t Aligned

You may not realize that your wheels are out of alignment at first. As we said above, they can slowly become misaligned over an extended period of time. They can also be knocked out of alignment suddenly if, for example, you slam into a curb. There are signs that will tell you that your wheels are not aligned. These signs include

  • Fighting to steer your vehicle straight because it’s pulling to the side
  • Vibration or wobbling in the steering wheel as you pick up speed
  • The logo in the center of your steering wheel being off-center

The most common sign is the first bulleted item. Many people realize that their wheels are not aligned properly when they have to fight to keep their car going straight. Your suspension is designed to head straight when the wheels are pointed straight, and if your car veers to the side, the wheels are not aligned.

Wheel Alignment Recommendations

Wheel alignment is recommended when you purchase a new set of tires and have them installed on your automobile. At that time, the wheels need to be balanced and aligned to ensure that the weight is even across the axles. Throughout the life of your set of tires, it’s a good idea to have the wheels realigned every two years. That’s a maximum duration. You may need to have them aligned sooner than that.

We’ve got you covered here at Louisville Automotive Shop in Louisville, KY. We can test your wheel alignment and realign the wheels if necessary. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Photo by uatp2 from Getty Images via Canva Pro